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交易方式 Order Procedures:

* [首先请想购买的mm下载商品订购单以便添上想预购的包包编号,数量,颜色,以及个人资料]
Please download the purchase order form in order to write down your personal information, product model, product quatity.  

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* [请通过email或MSN发送你的订单到cutietrendy@live.com 以便预购]
Please send through email or MSN your purchase order form to cutietrendy@live.com to make order.

* [我们会验证你的订单然后通知你订单编号]  
We will verify your order by issuing an order reference number to you.

* [订单确定后请在三天以内汇款,如没有在定期内付款,你的订单将会自动取消]
Please arrange payment within 3 days after the order cofirmation, order will auto-cancel if no payment received in 3 days.

Public Bank Account
Account name: Low Si Yuin
Account number: 4430566412 

May Bank Account
Account name: Low Si Yuin
Account number: 107433005364 

* [汇款后,请通知我们发简讯到email或sms0164868060以提供例如以下:]
After payment, please drop a message to cutietrendy@live.comor sms to 016-4868060 by providing the following information:
Payment date:
Banked-in to:
Amout Paid:
Order reference no: 

We will email the tracking number to your email.

取消 Cancellation:

* [如果顾客需要删除或更改订单请立即通知我们] 
  Please do contact us IMMEDIATELY if you want to cancel/change your order.

* [已寄出的货物,我们不接受交换或退款] 
  You are NOT ALLOWED to cancel/change your order, if the products already shipped.