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服务条款 Terms & Conditions:
* [由于商品是预购的,下订的朋友需等大约三个星期到一个月才拿到你们所预购的包包哦! 不能等的朋友不要下单哦!抱歉如有对你们带来有所不便]
  Due to all bags are pre-order, its might take approximately 3 weeks to 1 month to process. Hope that you all can understand.

* [由于商品是预购的,部份款式会断货,绝对不会100%有货的. 希望大家能够理解。如遇商品缺貨,会100%退款!]
  The item might be out of stock due to this is a pre-order service, money will be 100% refund and apologize for any dissapoinment .  

* [怒不退款如货物已用/撤开]
Any item once opened/used are considered sold .

* [图片的颜色和实货可能会有偏差,一切以实物为准。一律不接受以颜色不喜欢,色差,没有想像中漂亮,人为造成的瑕疵,质量不好,没有图片中的漂亮,太大或者太小等主观理由进行调换]
  The color of the photo displayed might have slightly different from the real product.No refund is made if minor different of the product compare to photo.

* [发货前,我们将仔细检查货品]
  Product sold is not returnable or exchangeable. We will check on the product condition before sending.

* [怒不退款如果货品在送货途中遗失或损坏]
  No refund is made if any damage/missing items during delivery.

* [将退款,如果发错货品,服装颜色和尺寸但请您寄还发错的货品]
  Refundable if wrong item, size or color has been delivered. However, please pack and send back us the item and provide us the order number along with your name and address .

* MyLittle Shop reserves the rights to make any changes to the prices and product availability.