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配送方式 Shipping Methods

1.) 私人快递,面交

Skynet  -- 西马: 首1kg –RM 8.00 接下来每公斤 RM2.50 (视货物的数量与重量而定哦)
                 东马: 首 1kg –RM 14.00 接下来每公斤 RM 12.00(视重量而定哟~)

Your orders will be delivered by Skynet.

Please refer to the shipping rates below:

West Malaysia:
First 1kg RM8.00,additional 1kg RM2.50
East Malaysia:
First 1kg RM14.00, additional 1kg RM12.00

Upon email confirmation we will inform you how
much it will cost for your parcel.